Take it ‘In House’

Quality: The absence of errors

Its a very rare thing to find a company that works like Zongshen. Because of their long history making great motorcycles, Zongshen fully understand the need for quality and innovation. This is why Zongshen manufacture their own engine components. This may not seem like a big deal, but almost every other engine maker buys in every component part from outside suppliers, and this leads to variable quality. And because suppliers sell to many companies, it becomes impossible to have your own unique designs. You can only get what you suppliers make. Zongshen design and develop engines, and then manufacture the parts leading to innovative products like the GB270.  This is a 9hp engine that has the same basic size and fitting as a normal 6.5hp engine. It is only possible to have product like this when you ‘Take It In House!’

Zongshen Engine Component Machining